Nothing Changes, If Nothing Changes

Change. Some people love this word and some people run at the thought of it.  Someone very inspirational to me describes how people react to change in a great way. He says that there are some people that don’t flinch at the thought of change, they thrive off of it. There are also people who, at the thought of change, take a deep breath and collect their thoughts and eventually let that breath out. Then …. There are people who take a deep breath and never let go.

Which are you?  Not letting go causes unnecessary anxiety and stress. In this day, it is imperative to be able to, in some way, shape or form, adapt to change.  I’m not saying you have to be a chameleon, but you need to be able to at least deal with it.  How you deal with it, however, all depends on you. No two individuals deal with change the same way.  People can guide you, but ultimately it’s your life and your decisions.

Being able to adapt to change not only gives you a head start on accomplishing life goals but also reduces anxiety, if that’s something that affects you ( it sure does affect me )

I’m going to get a little personal now. Right now, I live with my parents and my 3 1/2 year old daughter in the town I grew up in. I share a room with my daughter.  I don’t travel much, I live pay check to pay check and I would not consider myself financially stable. I have a wonderful job but strive for more each day.  When I shop, most things I pick up are necessities for my daughter (with the exception of some Taco Bell) and the rest of my money goes to bills. This is far off from what I want in life.  I’m uncomfortable. I look at it this way…. WHAT DO I HAVE TO LOSE?

My goals –

  • Move out of New York with my baby girl and future husband or boyfriend. Or just Christina and I if that’s how it plays out.
  • Have a high enough paying job that I can save enough money to be able to do fun things and experience the beauty of the world.
  • Buy property in another state and have my own house built (preferably built by my father) *Wink, Wink if you are reading this Dad*
  • Someday work from home so I can never miss a game, event or family function.
  • Expand my family.

I will not accomplish any of these goals unless I step out of my comfort zone and take a leap. My current role is what I thought I would be doing for a few years, to get the experience. I’ve been in this role for about a year. Give or take a few weeks. I’ve been at my current location for 4 months, give or take a few weeks.  About 2 months ago, my friend sent me a message and said there was a job opening in her department ( the same company as where I am now ) My immediate reaction was super hesitant. I had literally JUST got comfortable in this new branch, why would I move AGAIN? Things were turning around, people were starting to like and respect me, I was developing really good mentorships and the list goes on as to why I would not take this new position. The timing really bothered me. If only this job came up a few months ago, or again a year from now.  Then, my wheels started really turning.  I started to think about my future. I started to think about my daughters future. I started to think about my goals.  Staying where I am, COULD be helping me accomplish my goals but to an extent.  The opportunities where I am at now, stop at some point.  The opportunities where I could be going, are ENDLESS.  I could travel and relocate while still inspire and being creative.  I wound up applying for the position and interviewing not once, not twice but 4 times.  Full disclaimer : There was a lot of interview prep and outfit changes involved. The day after my last interview, I got a call from my recruiter saying they wanted to offer me the position.  I wont go into full detail what benefits and salary was offered but it’s not much more than I’m getting currently.  This was a problem for me. My first thought was…. If I’m not making anymore money, why should I leave where I am right now? I’m comfortable. “Samantha, that’s exactly why you should leave. The opportunities are endless for a person like you.” It took me 5 days to decide what I wanted to do. I am happy and proud to say that tomorrow is my last day in my branch and as of Monday November 6th 2017, I will be the newest addition to the Wire Investigation team with Capital One Bank!

This whole process was very uncomfortable. A lot of tears, vent sessions and anxiety attacks. The old me would have said “NO!” and stayed where I was and always wondered what it would be like on the other side. I will let you know what it’s like on the other side, hopefully you join.

I’ll end tonight with a quote that I love to say “Nothing changes, if nothing changes. If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got.” Take a chance, step out of your comfort zone and CHASE YOUR GOALS!!



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