It Is (Not) What It Is

It Is What It Is.

One of the most used, lazy, ridiculous quotes out there. I used to say this all the time. Then I realized, it is NOT what it is. I have control of my life. It is what it is is the ambitious way of saying something along the lines of “I don’t have control of the situation.”

You see, almost everything we go through, we have the ability to have power. Not all the time, though. There are certain times and instances where we do not have control but we do have control over how we react to it.

For lack of better terms, in my eyes, if you live by this quote, you need to rethink who or what inspires you and take control of your life.

A bunch of years ago, probably close to 10 years ago, I got into some trouble with a close friend at the time. I didn’t really care much about life, quite honestly, I didn’t want to be here anymore (at that time.) I felt I had no purpose because I was about to graduate high school with no plan, no support, no real friends and hated the world. I looked at this situation as just another day, I’ll take the consequences and keep doing the same thing over and over again. It is what it is, right ? I thought I had no control over what I was doing.

I didn’t do much growing, mentally, until I was about 21. Even then, it was very slow for me. Now, when I was 21, I got into some more trouble ( I promise I’m a good girl now ) At this point, I had already started to mature and with me, it’s all or nothing, so I wasn’t turning back just because something bad happened to me. Not once did I say or think it is what it is. I made every possible change I could make. I read every possible book I could read. I went to every single meeting I could get to. And I paid every single dime I had to. It wasn’t what it was. And it isn’t what it is.

I had the opportunity to change my life and by believing I was in control, it got me very far. I had a head start, compared to other people.

I feel that if we change the way we think and perceive things, we can move mountains as the human race. We can make a difference if we reflect and see what’s really going on.

Everyone says they want to change the world or they wish things were different. Well guess what, it isn’t what it is.

We may feel stuck at times and feel like we are getting nowhere but keep working on the situation at hand and you will see changes. It may not take a day, a week, a month or even a year but when you look back, you’ll think to yourself “I’m glad I didn’t leave things as is.”

I’m sure glad I didn’t leave things as they were.

Remember. Reflect. Redo. ❤️❤️❤️ Samantha

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