In Spirit Of The New Year.

So, I went on a little hiatus and got a little caught up on life. This blog isn’t to make me money and it isn’t to get attention. It’s has two purposes.

1.Help people that have been in the same situations as me or have the same type of mentality as me.

2. Clear MY mind and help me relax. I enjoy writing but sometimes life gets in the way.

A few posts ago, I wrote about my not so perfect life. So, by the time I get home from work and do my “2nd job,” sometimes I’m too tired to even open up my laptop. Sometimes, I’m even asleep before my daughter. LOL!

Anyway, this year, I will be planning out my posts a little bit better and organizing myself so I have time and energy to write more frequently. This goal brings me to the reasoning for this post.


What are your plans for 2018 and how do you plan to keep up with your goals?


Now, I’m not a huge “resolution girl.” BUT – I am extremely goal driven and I am constantly making up different plans for myself to be more successful, east healthier, be a better mom/person, etc. Make it a point, for yourself, to come up with realistic goals for 2018 and stick to them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be to eat healthier, go back to the gym or enroll in school. This year, I’m striving for even better mental health. My anxiety has subsided over the years but why not keep working at it? There is one thing that comes to mind when I think about mental health and how to prevent issues. Simplicity. My mother always told me (especially after I became a mother) to simplify my life. I never realized the wonders it could do.  Simplifying could mean a lot of things, depending on your lifestyle. My vow for 2018 is to make my life easier. Not only for my sake and the people around me, but for the sake of my daughter. A simple life for me = a simple life for her.

Ok, so I have my goal, my lifestyle change. Do you have yours? It’s okay if you don’t. Goals and changes aren’t limited to New Years only. You can make changes in May. You might wake up on September 9th and say “I need to make this change.” Do what feels right. If you don’t think you need a change right now, DONT DO IT. But, It’s always good to have something to be working toward and have purpose to what you are doing. I always have something new that I’m striving for. Don’t limit yourself. Anyway, set realistic goals with realistic timelines.  Don’t walk into it with this big goal that you know isn’t going to happen. Find something that makes you step out of your comfort zone but not so uncomfortable that you won’t want to work toward it. When you first start, pick small goals. Super small. Drink more water. Now, go to the store, buy a cute water container and some lemons. Fill it up and drink it. Download the water tracker on your phone and do it! Small goals turn into big ones. After that, you can start eating healthier. Go on Pinterest and search meal preps. Meal prepping turns into working out. Working out turns into body building. Body building turns into coaching others to transform their lifestyle just like you did. I bet you didn’t think your plan to drink more water would turn into motivating and coaching others. The limit does not exist. Starting small also keeps you motivated because you are able to achieve more in a short period of time.

Do whatever you need to do to keep these goals a priority. Keep them fresh in your head at all times.  Set daily reminders on your phone, make a note in your phone and use it as your background, create a vision board or simply write a note to yourself and keep it on your nightstand or in your wallet.  No matter how you do it, stay reminded. I just downloaded this application on my I-Phone called “Productive.”  With this, you can set goals daily, weekly or monthly.  You chose the category, for example health.  The subcategory, “Drink more water.” Then you get to schedule it.  You chose how many days a week you want to do it and what time of day. You’ll get a reminder each day for whatever goals you have scheduled.  I’ve been using it for about a week and LOVE so far.


I find it very important to have an “outcome goal.” This is not a technical term, it’s just something I go by and a phrase I use to organize my thoughts.  To me, an outcome goal is most important because it tells you WHY you are working toward what you are working toward. Okay, so your goal is to eat healthy. WHY do you want to eat healthy? To lose weight, detox or just live a healthy lifestyle in general. No matter what you why is, make sure you have purpose to everything you do.  Why you do it affects how you will do it. 


Keep motivated daily. Let your family and friends know what ideas you have and what’s going on in that noggin so they can support you, as well.  It’s always better and easier to accomplish goals with the support from loved ones. Many of the things that I have accomplished would not have been possible without the support of some very important people in my life.  It’s great to have this support system because they will be there every step of the way with you. They will be there in the beginning, middle and end when you are celebrating your success.  On the easy days, they will cheer you on and on the rough days they will cheer you up.

Last, but not least, it’s time to reflect.  You made your goal, you found your inspiration, you accepted the support and you’re doing it!! You’re flying high. Do you just stop there? Or do you continue to build. I like the sound of continuing to build. Reflect on your process. How did you get to where you are? What helped you succeed? What were some opportunities for next time? WRITE IT DOWN. Don’t forget this. This is one of the most important steps because it will help you fly even higher next time. Now you know what works and what doesn’t. Do it again with the same goal but a new plan. I can guarantee you will like the results more and more each time.  Can someone say KEY TO SUCCESS?

I know, everyone is probably wondering when we get to celebrate our success. Now. You can celebrate now. But make sure you celebrate everything and take in every moment of your journey.  Blog it, write about it, take pictures of it, sing it, dance it, talk about it, inspire others to take a journey with you.  Your success could very well influence someone else to jump on board and make a change in their life and so one. Next time you know, the whole world is making changes. One person at a time. What have you got to lose? Nothing. But you have everything to gain.

It feels so good to be back ♥♥ Samantha.

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