My Happy Place

Months ago, I wrote about my happy place. The actual place. Argyle Lake.   There are so many other “happy places” other than an actual place. You can find your happy place in a person, a song or your career. You can find it in reading, writing or your even your dog. Sometimes, we find happiness in the bottom of the bottle or self destructive activities but we’ll save that post for another time. Tonight is all about positivity and straight up LOVE.

When you find your happy place in a person, you’ll know they are the one. You will feel at home. You won’t have any sadness, even through the stress. You won’t feel the need to cope with your problems the way you used to because that person is your crutch. They lift you up when you are down and ALWAYS make sure you are okay. You may know this person your whole life or you may have only met them a few weeks ago. No matter how long, you’ll know. You’ll always know. 

I never believed in finding happiness through a person. I always felt it had to come from within. Yes, this is true. You need to love yourself before you can love someone else. BUT, there is nothing wrong with having a person to influence you to love yourself and find your happiness. That person may even be your happy place. 

Find someone that supports you. Not financially – but emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Find someone that encourages your growth and well being. Find someone that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything with or without them. Find someone that knows your worth just as much as you do. Find that person you want to kiss good-night and good-morning every single day.

Now, obviously there is inspiration behind this post but don’t you dare think for a second that your person HAS to be a lover. This person can be just a friend, too. I’ve found a lot of happiness in friendships and family members.

Like I said, Find someone that supports you and encourages positivity. Someone that knows your worth.  If its a family member or a friend, you may want to steer away from the kissing goodnight and good morning. **This is where you laugh**

Just when you think life is amazing, a curveball is thrown at you and makes life even MORE amazing. Don’t ever give up finding your happy placeperson ( One word, Can I make that a word ?)  You don’t always have to actively look and work for it ; Just live your life and it will find you. 


Short post tonight. I promise – I’ll slowly get back into this. I love you all dearly. ♥♥♥ Samantha Erica Theresa Anderson 




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