Maintain Your Growth

You’ve come so far. But what goes up must come down… right ? Wrong.

How many times have you talked yourself out of an anxiety attack? How many fights have you avoided by picking and choosing your battles? You’re saving money. You are happy. Things are going great and your life is on the up and up.

Right now, in a mental space, I’m floating on cloud 9. Noone can take me down. I’m taking my vitamins and eating healthy. Im actively in therapy to continue to maintain my mental health. My relationships are healthy (for the most part) and work is …. amazing. Things are great.

But… What happens when someone or something pushes me too far ? What happens when something goes wrong ? Its inevitable. What goes up must come down… right?

That rule doesn’t apply to me anymore. And it shouldn’t apply to you either. You choose your own happiness and noone can do it for you.

When things are going great, it’s easy to have a positive outlook on life. When things are going not so great, it’s even easier to have a negative outlook on life. Simple math.

What if I told you there is a way to maintain a positive, optimistic attitude no matter to situation or life phase.


When I wake up in the morning, I talk myself into having a good day. Snuggle with my pups and my daughter. Listen to some music, have a cup of coffee or tea, have a glass of water. Sing and dance a bit. Pump it up. Get the blood flowing.

Next thing I know, it’s time to get going for the day. The race is on. But I can still keep that same energy that I created when I woke up. I find that I have to constantly remind myself to stay positive or to “keep up the good work.” And I must say… there is nothing wrong with reminding yourself.

Awareness is everything. Awareness and acceptance. The two “A” words I always cringed at. What does awareness even mean? Awareness is education. Awareness is being informed. Awareness is being present. Awareness is knowledge. And acceptance. Oh, Acceptance. This is such a powerful word. Acceptance is being content. Acceptance is agreeing with what is. Acceptance is loving for who and what you are. Acceptance is the first step.

The next time you feel like you’re getting into a negative mood or feel like you may want to put someones head through the wall. Remember these two words. Awareness and acceptance.

I’d love to hear from you about what helps you maintain a healthy mental mindset. Send me a message or comment with your thoughts!

XOXO sam.

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